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Steadfast Blog

life and computers, but not at the same time.

ana ismi thaabit
07/19/24 from
What's in a name? What's out a name? Ana ismi thaabit. Simply put, "my name is thaabit". Better yet, "my name is steadfast". This is my name I chose for myself in Arabic class. It was the first Arabic name I ever wrote, as a practise for learning the alphabet. The n...
backpack theory
07/19/24 from
When I was in Jerusalem doing study abroad, my bank account stood at about $100. I really think that's where it was at. Total. No savings. Everything I had went towards financing the trip, and at least lunch was prepaid. I had enough leeway for an occasional bottle of juice, a...
Battlefield Shortcuts
07/19/24 from
   These are the extra parameters I pass to my Battlefield 2 links: +widescreen 1 +szx 1920 +szy 1200 +playerName [username] +playerPassword [password] +restart
Magic 33, and no, I'm not a Mason.
07/19/24 from
In the end, I'm a rather private person, but most of what I say here isn't all that revealing.  This idea came from a Facebook meme wherein you list 16 perhaps unknown things about yourself.  1. I studied Arabic incessantly  for 2 years and even did an immersion exp...
My Future Plans For Leadership
07/19/24 from
I found an essay I wrote on March 28, 1994.  I have to presume I wrote it in response to some application for college.  I only ever applied to one school-- Brigham Young University .  In retrospect, my single-mindedness on the subject is both refreshing and frustrating.  I di...
play hard
07/19/24 from
Businesses might solicit a new employee who "works hard." Doubtless, he also has good communication skills. Whatever that means. So, why is it that when we go to a job, we "work" hard. Propriety would dictate that playing at work is sin. But hard work is enviab...
Randall Carlson
07/19/24 from
Superflares https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLtleTPhxq4