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ana ismi thaabit

2005-08-04 by

What's in a name? What's out a name?

Ana ismi thaabit.

Simply put, "my name is thaabit". Better yet, "my name is steadfast". This is my name I chose for myself in Arabic class. It was the first Arabic name I ever wrote, as a practise for learning the alphabet. The next day I announced to the class that I had chosen it as my pseudonym for the semester. The teacher grinned and snickered. And so has every Arab I've told it to. I suppose it's a more traditional name. And that's what it means: steadfast, immovable.

I remember a TA calling me once and telling she asked for Garth (my real name). She had no idea who I was, even though I had spent significant hours working with her over a couple years. We are what we're known as. And so, for the blogging world:

Ana ismi thaabit.