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My Future Plans For Leadership

2008-11-19 by

I found an essay I wrote on March 28, 1994.  I have to presume I wrote it in response to some application for college.  I only ever applied to one school--Brigham Young University.  In retrospect, my single-mindedness on the subject is both refreshing and frustrating.  I did consider The University of Chicago and was flattered when they sent me application materials and said i could apply late.  I felt so special, like they made an exception just for me.  In a later post I'll consider how well my college experience turned out in regards to the stated goals here.

So, without further ado, here is my future (now past) plans for leadership:


Leadership involves the complete determination of an individual to tread where others do not, and to leave a path for them to follow. Leaders do not stand idly by as the world revolves around them. They choose the direction of their life, and pursue that direction with perseverance and diligence. In my life I have always taken the latter approach, and as I continue through life I intend to extend and develop the leadership abilities which I have held since birth.

Following High School, I plan to attend college to increase my intellectual capabilities and to build a stronger foundation for leadership. College provides an experience away from home which will help me to become an independent, clear-thinking man who can manage the weighty responsibilities a leader often must bear. Often the role of a leader does not simply mean the one in charge. Frequently, I find myself a leader among followers, usually by example. I expect and plan to fulfill my leadership duties through the power of example if the seat of leadership falls on someone else. Too often people shirk duty because of their lowly position in a job or in society, and neglect many opportunities to increase their level of leadership. The privilege to vote is a duty many feel they need not take any part in because they feel their power to influence too weak. A leader always seeks to influence toward the direction he believes is better.

Whether I attain a high position of leadership or not, I plan to become an effective and devoted leader as I travel through life. People who have not adequately prepared for the challenges of life need to foster reliance on those who have prepared——the leaders. As a leader I will not remain content, but will try to help those who follow to become leaders, and leave a well marked trail for them to follow.