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Pink Pigs

One bright day I stopped to think,
And thought I saw, quick as a wink,
Two pigs that were the pinkest pink.
So startled was I, I twice did blink,
For never was I on the brink
Of such a sight where eyes could drink
In such a scene, as thought did link,
Within my brain words like "zinc",
And other words like, "clink" and "slink",
And "kink" and "rink" and even "fink",
That rhyme with pink, and sound like "stink".
And with my brain on fire a dink,
I thought of how I'd by a mink,
Coat, of course, once pen met ink,
For my wife who I bethink,
Is quite the star who twinkle-twinks,
And thought to give to her a trink,
But then my heart began to sink,
As I saw just what a nink-
Com-poop I was as glasses fell,
And then I saw those pigs weren't pink,
My glasses were....Oh, what the Hell!!

-Ron Havens