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Timberbrook: long removed from Framingham and Charlotte land
Was the place of my upbring, with a big yard and a sandbox.
Among the elms, oaks, sycamores; peach, cherry, apple, pear, and pecan trees,
Leaves were not scant in the autumn breeze, before the freeze.
Broken Arrow, as the Seminoles taught us, was a home
In Oklahoma, where the red man roams, and the snow doesn't come
But three times yearly, if we were lucky, which always resulted in a pother1.
There I lived with my widowed mother, my older sister, and my not-so-baby brother.
Summers in the heat and humidity--don't walk barefoot on asphalt!
Riding bikes through the trails, jumping and flipping and crashing,
Playing soccer in the big field and Indian Springs, sucking on honeysuckle
Building a fort, getting evicted, and building anew, and, oh yeah, school.

1. confused or fidgety flurry or activity