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Phoenix Dark Dirk

by Ben Stiller

Monica: Okay, yeah. I got a question for you.
Furious: Cool. Kick it.
Monica: What's your name?
Furious: Do--Do you mean my secret identity? 'Cause I--
Monica: No, I just, you know, mean your name.
Furious: My name. Um, wow. Okay, uh...It's--It's Phoenix. Phoenix
Dark. Dirk. Phoenix Dark-Dirk. I was uh...I was christened Dirk
Steele, and I changed it to Phoenix.
Monica: For--Forget about it. It's...It's okay. (she turns to go)
Furious: It's Roy. That's--That's my name. My name is...My real
name is Roy.
Monica: (comes back, and kisses him) Okay.